In the land of expert wellness and yoga bloggers, it’s not easy to choose that which will motivate us enough to finally practice at home.

Summer is just around the corner… Is that little voice inside you awaking, and with it, the desire to bring back out those little dresses and loose tank tops, without feeling self-conscious?

These three blogs will guide you on your journey to wellness and restoring your energy. They’re full of videos and good tips concerning yoga and other topics, so that operation bikini isn’t total torture… It’s just the thing to slip away our winter layers and get back in shape, fuelled by positivity and healthy tips.


1. The Journey Junkie

A name that speaks to the truly cool aspect of this blog. Allie’s story does, as well, as she left her stressful job to live in complete simplicity on a sailboat in the Caribbean! Based on wellness and yoga, her YouTube channel offers a large number of classes and concrete tips to practice yoga. Her site is also full of different programmes, one more appetising than the next, and proposes discovering her method thanks to three free programmes for beginners, to gain strength, and another that’s more spiritual, based on personal alignment. In terms of her blog, it goes from articles focused on wellness and meditation to yoga, and has videos of her travels by sailboat, which is perfect to disconnect from our daily lives for a few moments to head off to a faraway destination!

The Journey Junkie, the fashionable wellness blogger

2. Boho Beautiful

Juliana teaches yoga, Pilates and fitness classes. She’s also the face of Boho Beautiful, a platform dedicated to yoga and travel, with over half a million followers that only continues to grow. She and her husband Mark travel the globe, creating videos that make you dream. From her yoga classes to her travel guides, covering healthy lifestyle tips as well, it’s ideal to inspire you and bring a dose of the exotic to your daily life. In order to discover her style before committing to a specific programme, she offers a multitude of free yoga videos, all filmed in places that are one more incredible than the next. And to encourage you to change jobs or even your life, or simply to start a regular yoga practice, read a few of the stories of others similar to your own, on her project’s page #ProjectInspire.

Boho Beautiful: yoga on the move

3. Yoga with Adriene

Perhaps you already know this one, and we apologize if that’s the case, but it’s impossible to not mention YouTube’s yoga star… With nearly 5 million followers! A trained actress, Adriene started filming her yoga videos in 2014. Considered the most influential person in yoga, she introduced the practice of conscious movement to millions of people. She offers tons of free videos on her site, but what’s really worth noting: a free 30-day yoga programme, too! Just the thing to transform all the energy you stored up over winter into a virtuous, luminous circle and a springboard to begin a healthy lifestyle. It’s ideal to bring purpose to your everyday life. Personally, we’ve started it and adore it. So why not give it a try? For the most assiduous amongst us, Adriene and her team also created a platform called FWFG Kula (Find What Feels Good Community), open to all and totally free, which allows yogis from all around the world to share, chat, learn and meet… A kind of Facebook dedicated to yoga, whose guiding principle is kindness.

Yoga with Adriene or the yoga mentor on Youtube